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Meaningful ceremonies without religion

Humanist celebrants are trained and accredited by Humanists UK.  

We offer non-religious wedding, vow renewal, naming and funeral ceremonies that are written for you and your family.  We welcome enquiries about ceremonies and celebrations so don't hesitate to contact any one of the celebrants on this site.  

If you are interested in finding out more about Humanists UK  why not visit the Humanists UK website?

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What we do

We are Norfolk Humanist Celebrants, and we offer ceremonies for weddings, renewals, funerals, celebrations of life, namings, or celebrating a change of name or gender - in fact we will help you with any ceremony that is meaningful to you.


We are trained by Humanists UK which is the UK's major campaigning charity seeking fairness, an ethical approach to life and a secular society. We actively promote inclusion, equality and diversity.


Our training is rigorous and accredited by the Open College Network. We undergo additional training and we are re-accredited every three years. All our celebrants are insured by Humanists UK  and hold current Disclosure and Barring Certificates. 

We are also closely connected with the Norfolk Humanists Group that meets regularly. You can find them here

Take a look at the video made by Humanists UK Patron Stephen Fry here


You can be sure of our professionalism and our commitment to writing and delivering ceremonies that are moving, memorable, personal with no reference to religion. 

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Rustic Dining Hall


We will respond to whatever type of ceremony you  are seeking


Our wedding ceremonies and vow renewals are intensely personal. We work closely with you to ensure that your ceremony reflects who you are and how you live.  Your ceremony will include all those special people, music, readings and the  personal touches that are important to you - and which we will know because we always work collaboratively with you!

We not only write and deliver your ceremony, but we are also  experienced in delivering ceremonies in a variety of settings both indoors and outside.


We perform all sorts of ceremonies from naming tiny babies, to celebrating an adoption; joining families and changing names or marking a change of name and/or gender.
Whatever you need, we will build a ceremony around you and include what is most important to you.

We can also include symbolic elements within the ceremony such as 'wishes and dreams' trees, sand blending and personalised candles and we also encourage you to include friends and family in the ceremony if you wish.



Saying goodbye is the hardest thing we can do – and to do it well can be comforting.  We know how important it is to you and your family.  


Our funeral celebrants are experienced, sensitive and skilled and they work very closely with local funeral directors to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly.  


We can also help you celebrate the life of your loved one through celebratory ceremonies  – sometimes a few weeks after a private funeral has taken place, or to mark an anniversary.

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Celebrate in style


Wedding and renewal celebrant

My professional background is in performance and theatre and my ceremonies are as entertaining as they are original.  

I use all my skills to make sure that your ceremony reflects who you are.  I love an outdoor ceremony and creating a ceremony with a couple is a joyous collaboration and I often encourage friends and family to play their part.  

You can find out more about me here 


Wedding and renewal celebrant

I just love being a humanist celebrant and I deliver ceremonies all over England and in Europe. I'm also an assessor of and mentor to trainee Humanist celebrants.

Couples describe me as genuine, funny, quirky, warm and energetic.  I'm an experienced celebrant with loads of ceremonies under my belt - in castles, museums, fields, warehouses, gardens, tents - come rain, come shine!

I will often be found travelling to ceremonies in my campervan and sneaking in a couple of cheeky nights away under the stars, cooking up a storm on my firepit.

My tag-line is 'living, laughing, loving' which just about encapsulates me and my philosophy.

Why not ring me and find out more - let's explore your ideas and then let me feed in some new ones once we've got to know one another.  

I have a huge contact book as well so if you want a magician, an MC, a string quartet, acrobats, dancers, a dog creche , a shoemaker or an ace photographer then I'll be able to help.

 Looking forward to hearing from you!

You can find out more about me here


Wedding and renewal celebrant

My job as a Humanist Wedding Celebrant is a joy!  Part of that joy is getting to know you so I can learn about your love story to craft a bespoke, unique ceremony which reflects you, your values and passions.

We can add music, readings, lovely personal touches, tributes and symbolism, so that your wedding is as individual, special and memorable as you are and afterwards guests will say that the ceremony was just “you”!

I am a confident, flexible, assured and relaxed celebrant with plenty of public speaking experience. I’m just as happy conducting a formal wedding or donning wellies, (preferably pink ones), and squelching around in a field, or an informal ceremony on a beach.

Being entrusted with conducting your wedding ceremony is an enormous privilege and it is essential  there is a good “fit” between you and your celebrant so please contact me for an informal chat and we can take it from there. 

You can find out more about me here


Wedding and renewal celebrant

I love to find out more about each of you,  your individual love story and being entrusted to create and deliver a bespoke ceremony which truly reflects who you are as individuals, who you are as a couple.


Not everyone knows where to start when planning their ceremony - which is where I come in.  I can suggest personal touches, readings, and symbolic elements that make your ceremony stand out from others.

Your ceremony can be held wherever you like. I enjoy conducting ceremonies on beaches (in the sea too, as I’m a sea-swimmer!), up hills, in stately homes or simple back gardens.

I especially enjoy celebrating weddings and vow renewals for those who care for all of us. If your values align with mine and you are a Blue Light Card holder, then you are entitled to a reduction in my ceremony fees.

You can find out more about me here


Wedding and renewal celebrant

I am a creative, warm, down to earth and funny Humanist wedding celebrant. I will write a ceremony script for you that captures and celebrates your full love or life story in an utterly unique way. 


We can add music, poetry, prose, scripts, dances, whatever wonderful and potentially crazy things you, and your family and friends, will do to mark your wedding. 

This wedding can be in your back garden, in the park, the woods, up a tower, on the beach, wherever you desire. We can be outdoors, indoors or even under water (I might need a refresher course in scuba diving for this one).

You can find out more about me here

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Saying goodbye and thank you


Click here if you would like to download our most recent Norfolk Funeral Celebrants Leaflet - it offers similar information to what is on this website but is easy to download  (or print it if you prefer) so that you can  share with family and friends.


Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

I have  been conducting humanist funeral ceremonies since I retired as a veterinary surgeon in 2008.  I believe every family should choose whatever type of ceremony feels right for them. There are no rules!  Whatever feels right is right, and creating an appropriate farewell can be a huge comfort in times of sorrow.


You can find out more about me here

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Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

It is an honour to be the celebrant at someone's funeral and to be invited into families' lives when people can be struggling to find a way through the emotional and practical processes.  Getting a ceremony right for a family is the most important thing for me.

There is no such thing as an 'ordinary life'; this forms the basis of my ceremonies. I am constantly inspired by other people's stories.

Words used to describe me are supportive, kind, warm and authentic.  And the greatest feedback? 'I know this sounds awful but that was the best funeral I've ever been to!'

You can find out more about me here



Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

I’ve been leading funeral ceremonies for 12 years, but it is still a privilege to create a farewell that is all about the person who has died – who they were, how they lived, what was special about them. My job is to guide and support, but above all to listen: the greatest compliment comes at the end of a ceremony when someone says, ‘Were you a friend? It sounded as though you knew her really well.’ That’s when I know I’ve done a good job.

I'm also an assessor of and mentor to trainee Humanist celebrants.

You can find out more about me here

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Saying goodbye and thank you


Funeral and celebration of life celebrant


Although I am based in Norwich I travel extensively, conducting celebrations, commemorations and memorials to the highest possible standards.  My website offers an insight into how I will help you to deliver a meaningful and tailor-made funeral service with the life of your loved one at its core.

As a former member of the UK Army Reserve, I am especially adept at providing funeral ceremonial for serving and ex-military personnel. I also have strong ties with the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m an accomplished public speaker and have a relaxed yet uplifting style which celebrates the life lived with dignity, compassion and good humour.


You can find out more about me here 

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Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

''Celebration', 'bespoke', 'unique' are words we use to describe all humanist ceremonies and these words can apply not just to joyous occasions but also those of immense sadness and loss.

I believe that all human life is worth commemorating and celebrating, and that individual life stories need to be told no matter the circumstances of the ending.

It is my privilege to be able to tell those stories in the funeral ceremonies I lead.
You can find out more about me here 


Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

A funeral is never an easy thing to arrange, but I will work closely, discreetly and sympathetically with you and your Funeral Director, to create the ceremony you desire. I am a fast and thorough wordsmith, who can create a ceremony that captures the life of a person and deliver it in the precious time allotted by the funeral location, whether that's a 30 minute crematorium service, or a longer outdoor affair. I have vast experience in public speaking and will create a ceremony with exactly the energy you require. Whether it is an upbeat celebration or more of a memorial, I can create the atmosphere you envisage.  You can find out more about me here .


Funeral and celebration of life celebrant

As a humanist I believe that this life is the only life that we have – and that every life is special and unique.  I feel privileged to be able to lead ceremonies that celebrate the person who has died, focussing on the life the person has led, their loves and friendships, their passions and achievements, and what impact they had on those who knew them.  Some lives may be long, rich and happy while others are cut short or end before they have had time to begin – but all are important and leave imprints on those who knew the person.

I am a retired academic and cancer researcher and I became a humanist celebrant after speaking at the funerals of several of my own family members. It is an honour to help others by delivering a ceremony that has their loved one at its centre. In the words of one of my clients: “You took the time to learn about X, this was reflected in the beautiful and thoughtful words that celebrated her life. You also took time to learn about myself and my daughter. This was also reflected in the time you took to solicit our feedback during the process of creating the service”.

Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow


..... and a new life begins .....

Naming celebrants welcome new life into the world in an entirely personal way.  We also help you celebrate adoptions, children and families who are changing names, and ceremonies to mark gender transition.


Naming Celebrant

Hi there!  I am Dawn Rees and I love to celebrate new life, new identities and new families.  I'm an experienced celebrant with loads of ideas and imagination.  I'm also an assessor of and mentor to trainee Humanist celebrants.

I've written ceremonies for new babies, adopted children, for families coming together with their children - but I've also created ceremonies for people who have undergone full gender transition - or who simply wish to be known by a different name.

Our identity and our name is unique - we are known and remembered by it and so we should celebrate it!

I also seem to specialise in joint wedding/naming ceremonies - often the naming has been a surprise element after the wedding.  So if you are up for a surprise - let's do it!

If you would like to talk through the possibilities and celebrations a naming ceremony can bring - and what it represents to you - then don't hesitate to contact me. You can find out more about me here.



Naming celebrant

Naming ceremonies are so joyful and memorable.  A Humanist naming ceremony is completely tailored to your child, and for adopted children or for children from blended families coming together to become one, or simply for a person who wishes to be known by a new name,


We can include personal anecdotes, create symbolic rituals that work for you and we can involve others; you can nominate 'guideparents' or 'sparents' to be supporting adults. These can all feature in your ceremony.


I’ve also been known to deliver a double naming ceremony which makes for a double the amount of fun in a celebration!

It would be an honour to create and present a truly personalised non-religious naming ceremony that reflects the uniqueness of your child, their personality and your family values. A ceremony that is designed exactly as you wish, celebrates your family bond, and that includes lots of memorable and joyful elements.

You can find out more about me here

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Couple Showing Affection

Mark Twain

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see



As celebrants, we are always delighted to speak with anyone wishing to find out more about humanist ceremonies.

Please  get in touch with us by clicking any celebrant 'contact' button underneath your selected celebrant.  

Alternatively, if you want to find out more about the regular meetings of the Norfolk humanist group then you can click here .

If you would like to know more about Humanists UK, its work as a charity campaigning for equality, fairness and a secular society, then visit its main website here 

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